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Cecile and Viv - Viv owned the original Branding Iron in Nederland

The Original Branding Iron

“As I Recall It” by Rick Valdez, whose great aunt Vivian owned the Branding Iron, and whose grandmother Cecile (Vivian’s sister) owned the only liquor store in town! From the 50’s through the 70’s, the Branding Iron was one of the most well-known restaurants in Boulder County. It was more than a local favorite. People […]

By: September 17, 2018 History, News
The Branding Iron is Now Open!

The Branding Iron Reopens in Nederland 40 Years Later!

  The Branding Iron has reopened in Nederland, 40 years after the original Branding Iron burned down. After the 1978 fire, the building was rebuilt, and since then has been home to a number of fine establishments, among them the Oyster Bar and the First Street Pub and Grill. The Branding Iron was originally owned […]

By: July 31, 2018 News